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London Central020 7193 4499
London020 8123 1643
Surrey & North Hants012 5230 8302
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The PSG-Group comprises several different companies, partnerships & individuals.

You will always be given details of whom you are dealing with, & what part they play within the group & what their responsibilities are. i.e. If you are having a damp proof course installed, your property inspector will specify the areas to be treated & the proposed method to be used & your installer will carry out the installation & invoice you for same (subject to our terms & conditions, & general notes).

Technical Enquiries

Contact your property inspector, their contact number is on your inspection report & quotation. Your property care inspector will answer any queries upon faults faults or proposed works.

Administrative Enquiries

It is normally possible to transfer the remainder of a guarantee to a new owner by sending us a message, using the form below, giving the original file/schedule number, the effective date of the transfer & the details of the new owner. This should, as stated upon the certificate, be done within 28 days of the purchase completion date. Furthermore, an administration charge of £35.00 is currently made for this service. Payment can be made by PayPal, cheque, bank transfer or cash.

The guarantee will relate to an original report, schedule of works, confirmation of works & invoice there for, together with an addendum of additions/exclusions (if any). It is normally possible to request a copy of paperwork, relating to your property, by sending us a message using the form below, giving the original file/schedule number. A fee of £55.00 will apply for this copy service. Payment can be made by PayPal, cheque, bank transfer or cash.

Guarantee Enquiries

If you require previous works, under guarantee, to be inspected, please contact us using the form below. A deposit may be required prior to the inspection taking place.

Installation Enquiries

Any enquiries regarding your installation should me made, initially, through your assessor or our offices. However, any queries regarding the quality of work, shortages, etc., will need to be taken up directly with the installer(s) themselves.